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What is your style criteria?

Mostly shading and intricate detail, black and grey, and less linework. NO script/text, colour, finger, feet, cover-up, geometric or linework-only tattoos. 


What are your favourite things to tattoo?

All things ornate, intricate, and has a lot of detail. I love tattooing daggers/swords, antiques, statues, and animals.


How do I book?

Take a look at the “How To Book” section on my website. I will only be accepting requests when my books are open. All updates regarding when they will be open are posted on Instagram. 


Can I see the design before my appointment?

Unfortunately I do not send out designs beforehand. You will see your one design/stencil at the tattoo appointment, and any minor changes that need to be made will be made then and there together. 


Do you have flash designs (pre-designed tattoos) available?

Any available flash designs will be posted in the highlights on my IG page. Details on how to claim them will also be posted on my IG. One design per person. Designs cannot be altered, nor be duplicated. If you’d like something similar, you may put through a request for a custom piece similar to the design when my books are open.


Do I need to be 18 years or older to get tattooed by you?

Yes, you need to be at least 18 years of age to get tattooed by me. I will not accept bookings for those under 18. 


Do I need to put down a deposit in order to get booked in?

Yes, a deposit is required to get booked in. A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required to secure your booking ($300 for long sessions). This will go towards the final amount of your tattoo. No deposit = no booking.


What are your rates?

If you would like to get an idea on how much your tattoo may cost, I can provide a rough estimate based on the info you’ve provided (idea, sizing in inches, and placement). My minimum starts at $300+tax (for one hour or less).


I haven’t heard back yet. Does this mean I won’t get booked in?

I usually receive a large volume of requests, and can only get through them outside my tattooing/shop hours (I work long hours), so it takes me a while (anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months) to respond. I can only accept a small percentage of requests, as it would be mentally and physically impossible for me to take on all projects. If you haven’t heard back, I will either eventually get to you or you may try again on the next round of bookings. 


How far in advance do you book?

I try not to book beyond 3 months in advance, as I try to leave room for travel/guest spots. 


How much are touch-ups? Would you touch-up another artist’s work?

Inquire within. Touch-ups are usually a flat-rate of $100+tax. Appointments for touch-ups typically take at most 30 minutes. Should it take longer, pricing is subject to change. I may ask you to come in for a consult to see if a touch-up is necessary before booking you in. No, I will not touch-up other artists’ work. 


Where do you plan on going for your next guest spot?

All updates regarding guest spots are posted on my Instagram. All travel plans are currently on hold due to covid. 


For more info, please see the How To Book page.

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