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At the end of your tattoo session, I will be applying the first tattoo derm and giving you a second application to take home. The instructions are as follows: 

  1. The first application stays on for 12 hours, and you may go about your normal routine (just no submerging in water). After the 12 hours, you will be removing it in the shower or under running water. Remove the derm wet and do it gently. If you are going to be washing your hair and your body, make sure you do everything first, as you do not want to get shampoo, conditioner and soap into your tattoo. You should be using an unscented clear liquid soap to clean off your tattoo. Let the water run over the tattoo to get the soap off, don’t scrub it or use a loofa of any kind, and let it air dry for about 5 minutes once you’re done.

  2. After your skin is dry, apply the second derm immediately and leave that one on for a maximum of 2 days. While you have the derms on, you can go about your normal routine. However, there are things you should avoid up to 10 days: no submerging in water (no baths/swimming), hot sauna, hot yoga, any strenuous gym activities or any kinds of activities where you may be sweating.

  3. Once the second derm comes off, wash your tattoo twice a day, and you may start applying a tattoo balm or an unscented lotion after each wash. If it feels a little tight still, apply a little more (do not overdo it). The tattoo will be itchy and flakey for about a week after the derm is off. No picking or scratching the tattoo during the healing process. Besides that, keep it clean, moisturized, and use sunscreen under the sun once it is healed.

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